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SS3 in Singapore! At cost price, don't miss this! (EDITED)

My friend and I are selling 2 tickets to SS3 in Singapore, the show on the 30th of Jan, Sunday.

We're selling the tickets at cost prices, Cat 2 tickets at 161 (158+3 for sistic). Only Cat 2 left!

The details are below:

And the Cat 2 tickets at 161 for each:
B12 Row 33 Seats 10 and 11

Drop me a comment here if you want them. I'll get back to you asap. Oh, and if you want info on the location of the seats, refer to this. It's first come, first serve, so come quick! This is a really good deal, and you don't have to queue for anything! :D

A gif to lure you in and thank you:

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